MyJVM : a 100% pure Java parameterizable Java virtual machine

With Christophe Deleray, Gilles Roussel, Etienne Duris and Rémi Forax


Numerous research works propose Java extensions. Most of these works try to solve a precise problem and offer ad-hoc solutions to achieve their goal: language extensions, preprocessors implementation, modifications of the compiler, of the bytecode or of the virtual machine behavior. Most of this changes could be implemented in a common framework by extending a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Unfortunately, most JVM are not freely available or difficult to manage and/or to extend, and explicit use of their particular features implies a loss of portability. In this paper, we present an open Java Virtual Machine (100% pure Java) designed to be easily extensible (at compile-time and at run-time) by Java programmers.



The final version of the paper is copyrighted. This on-line version is a preliminary version. Please send me an email to have the final version. Gzipped postscript file

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