Applied Combinatorics on Words : Contents

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Last Modification : June 23, 2004
     Contents and presentation
Core algorithms 
     Algorithms on words      Jean Berstel and Dominique Perrin
     Structures for indexes      Maxime Crochemore
Natural language processing
     Symbolic natural language processing      Eric Laporte
     Statistical natural language processing      Mehryar Mohri
     Network expression inference      Marie-France Sagot and Nadia Pisanti
     Statistics on words with applications to biological sequences      Gesine Reinert, Sophie Schbath and Michael S. Waterman
     Analytic approach to pattern matching      Philippe Jacquet  and Wojciech Szpankowski
     Periodic structures in words      Roman Kolpakov and Gregory Kucherov
     Counting, coding and sampling with words      Dominique Poulalhon  and Gilles Schaeffer
     Words in number theory      Jean-Paul Allouche and  Valérie Berthé
     Bibliography and index