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Iteration on the outgoing transitions of a state

You will probably want to implement the following statement, for a $q \in Q$:

for each $(a, p) \in \Sigma \times Q$ such that $(q, a, p) \in \Delta$ do something

Here is how to print on standard output the outgoing transition of a state:
#include "dfa_map.hh"
#include "tag.hh"
#include "alphabet.hh"
#include <iostream.h>

  typedef DFA_map<Range_alphabet<char, 'a', 'z'>, STag> DFA_type;
  DFA_type dfa;
  // Construct the automaton
  // ....

  // Prints the outgoing transitions of the initial state
  DFA_type::State i = dfa.initial();
  const DFA_type::Edges& edge = dfa.delta2(i);   

  DFA_type::Edges::const_iterator trans, trans_end = edge.end();
  for (trans = edge.begin(); trans != trans_end; ++trans)
    pair<DFA::Alphabet, DFA::State> t = *trans;
    cout << t.first << " " << t.second << endl;


Vincent Lemaout