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Basic type to provide when working with Sigma. This is the type of the "letters" (used to label the transition of an automaton).

Refinement of

Associated types


A A type that is a model of Alphabet
a, b objects of type A


Valid expressions

the following expressions must be valid.
Name Expression Type requirements Return type
Write out<<a out is an ostream ostram&
Read in>>>a in is an istream istream&
Asignement a=b   A
Equal a==b   bool
Less a<b   bool

Expression semantics

Name Expression Precondition Semantics Postcondition
Write out<<a   write a to the output stream out  
Read in>>a   read a from the input stream in  
Assignement a=b   Set a as a copy of b  
Equal a==b      
Less a<b      

Complexity guarantees



User can make its own, Nevertheless int, char and long perfectly fit in, and are usually sufficients.