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Range_alphabet<T, upper, lower>


The Sigma here contains the values of type T in [lower,upper].
(a set of contiguous values constituting a subset of T.


//declare a Sigma based on type char, including characters from 'a' to 'g'
typedef Range_alphabet<char,'a','g'> charAtoG;


Defined in alphabet.h.

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default
T The type_alphabet's value type: the type of object that is stored in the vector.  
upper (T)The upper bound of the Sigma  
lower (T)The lower bound of the Sigma  

Model of


Type requirements

T must define a cast operator to unsigned long, and unsigned long must be castable to the T type.
T must define + and - operators.

Public base classes



Member Where defined Description
Alphabet Sigma The type of object, T, stored in the type_alphabet.
const_iterator Container Const iterator used to iterate through a type_alphabet.
iterator begin() Container Returns an iterator pointing to the beginning of the type_alphabet.
iterator end() Container Returns an iterator pointing to the end of the type_alphabet.
unsigned long size() const Container Returns the size of the type_alphabet.
unsigned long map(a) Sigma Returns the mapped value of a
Alphabet unmap(l) Sigma Return the unmapped equivalent of l

New members