12-th International Conference on

Formal Power Series and Algebraic
Moscow State University,
June 26 - 30, 2000.

Practical Information


Three types of hotels are available for the conference participants :
  • Hotels in the center of Moscow.
    Hotels map Important discount rates were obtained in three hotels of international standard located in the center of Moscow. To benefit of this special discount rates (our prices are approximately half the normal prices), we are however obliged to ask a prepayment that should reach us at least one month before the conference. The exact location of our hotels can be found on the map. Reaching the main building of Moscow State University from the center of Moscow is approximately 40 minutes.

    A prepayment of all nights should be made before May 15, 2000 in order to secure your registration. Breakfasts are to be payed during the stay.

    Hotels Single Room (per night) Double Room (per night) Breakfast (per day)
    Intourist (****) 63 (EUROS) 63 (EUROS) 12 US $ (not included)
    Rossia (***) 55 (EUROS) 60 (EUROS) 5 US $ (not included)
    Ukrainia (***) 70 (EUROS) 80 (EUROS) Included

  • University hotel. This hotel has moderate conditions and prices (the rate is approximately 40 US $ per night). No prepayment is required. This hotel is located near the main building of Moscow State University (10 minutes by walk).

  • University guesthouse. This guesthouse has moderate conditions (the rate is approximately 20 US $ per night).No prepayment is required. This hotel is located in the main building of Moscow State University.


A special agreement was obtained with a transportation company that can bring any participant or group of participants from the international airport of Moscow (Cheremetieva airport) to any location inside Moscow. The cars that are available can be either individual cars (up to 4 people for 25 to 35 US $ depending of the type of car) or two types of mini-buses (up to 6/7 people for 55 US $ and up to 10/14 people for 75 US $). All prices are only one-way.

Payment should be directly made to the driver. We will not manage group reservation. If some group of participants wants to reserve a car, we ask it to send us only a single reservation through a member of the concerned group. All details concerning the car reservation will then be sent to this group coordinator.


Foreign participants need to have visas to enter Russia. As soon as a participant will have registered, he/she should send by fax to the organizing committee a xeroxcopy of the first pages of his/her passport at the two following fax numbers :
  • Moscow : ++ (7-095) 939 20 90
  • Paris : ++ (33) 1 44 27 68 49

N.B. The dates you will give as arrival / departure will be used for delivering your official invitation used for your visa.

An invitation letter will then be officially issued by the Department of International Relations of Moscow State University. This official letter will be sent both to you (by fax number or by ordinary postal mail) and to the consulate sections of the corresponding Russian embassies.

We offer you two ways for obtaining your visa.

  1. If you are a french citizen, the organizing committee can take totally in charge the obtention of your visa. In this case, your passport should then be sent by secure postal mail to the following address :

    LIAFA - Université Paris 7 - SFCA/FPSAC'00 - 2, place Jussieu - 75251 Paris Cedex 05 - France.

    Your visa will then be emitted in Paris and your passport will then be sent you back by secure postal mail. The cost of the visa (corresponding to the price asked by the Russian ambassy services) is of 50 (EUROS).

  2. You can take in charge the obtention of your visa In this case, you must go (or ask somebody to go at your place) to the nearest consulate section of a Russian ambassy with a copy of your invitation letter, your passport, a personal medical insurance certificate and three identical photos. In view of these documents (plus an additive administrative form that should be filled there), the consulate section will then deliver your visa. Usually the delivery of a visa takes a week and costs 50 (EUROS). There are also accelerated delivering procedures (from 1 hour to 2 days) that can however cost up to 2.5 times more than the ordinary visa price.

After arriving to Moscow, this visa will be registered by your hotel. It can also be registered by Moscow State University.

More information

To enter in Russia, you need a personal medical insurance certificate. This certificate must be established by an accredited insurance company and should cover the following risks :

- urgent medicare
- necessary medicare (assured by hospitals, nurses and doctors)
- transportation by any mean and any time to an hospital
- flight back

For instance, in France, the accredited insurance companies are :

  • L'européenne d'assurances
  • AXA
  • Europe assistance
  • Assurance générale de France
  • Allianz Assurances
  • SOS International
  • Inter Mutuelles Assistance
  • AIG
  • Mondial Assurances


Until April 1, 2000 the regular registration fee is 200 (200 EUROS). A reduced fee of 100 (100 EUROS) is offered for students. These fees will respectively be 300 (EUROS) and 150 (EUROS) in case of payment after April 1, 2000. A special fee will also be offered for participants from Russia or former Soviet Union (more information will be given on the web site of the conference).

The fees are including the conference dinner. Extra places for the banquet (for accompagnying persons) can however be bought at the price of 30 (EUROS).

Before April 1, 2000 After April 1, 2000
Academic Normal Price 200 (EUROS) 300 (EUROS)
Student 100 (EUROS) 150 (EUROS)
Industry Member 600 (EUROS) 900 (EUROS)

Registration Form : tex postscript
LIAFA laboratory : Liafa

Adresse: LIAFA - Université Denis Diderot
Case 7014
2, place Jussieu
F-75251 Paris Cedex 05

Tél.:33-(0)1 Fax:33-(0)1
Courrier électronique:Prénom.Nom@liafa.jussieu.fr

Contact : fpsac00@liafa.jussieu.fr,