FPSAC01: Accepted Papers

Descent Statistics for Hyperoctahedral Groups R.M. Adin, F. Brenti, Y. Roichman
Wilf-equivalence for singleton classes J. Backelin, J. West, G. Xin
Maximal Singular Loci of Schubert Varieties in SL(n)/B S.C. Billey, G.S. Warrington
Homotopies for resolutions of skew-hook shapes. D.A. Buchsbaum, B.D. Taylor
A self-dual poset on objects counted by the Catalan numbers and a type-B analogue M. Bona, R. Simion
Another enumeration of constellations C. Chauve
Generalised pattern avoidance A. Claesson
Some Planar Algebras Related to Graphs B. Curtin, V.F.R. Jones
(-1)Enumeration of plane partitions with complementation symmetry T. Eisenkölbl
Exact expectations for random graphs H. Eriksson, K. Eriksson, J. Sjostrand
Incidence combinatorics of resolutions E.M. Feichtner, D. N. Kozlov
Random Walk in an Alcove of an Affine Weyl Group, and Non-Colliding Random Walks in an Interval D.J. Grabiner
Examples and Counterexamples for Perles' Conjecture C. Haase, G.M. Ziegler
Deformations of Weyl's denominator formula for sp(2n) A.M. Hamel, R.C. King
Numerator formulae expansions for affine Kac-Moody algebras R.C. King
On non P-recursiveness of numbers of matchings (linear chord diagrams) with many crossings M. Klazar
Party algebra and construction of its irreducible representations M. Kosuda
Pseudo-Permutations I: First Combinatorial and Lattice Properties D. Krob, M. Latapy, J.C. Novelli, H.D. Phan, S. Schwer
The asymptotic number of prime alternating links S. Kunz-Jacques, G. Schaeffer
A Direct Algorithm to Construct Zeilberger's Recurrences for Rational Functions H. Le
Sandpile model and Tutte polynomials Y. Le Borgne
Combinatorics of Schubert Polynomials: a Unified Approach C. Lenart
De l'alg\`ebre des $\zeta$ de Riemann multivari\'ees \`a l'alg\`bre des $\zeta$ de Hurwitz multivari\'ees H. Ngoc Minh, G. Jacob, N.E. Oussous, M. Petitot
Toric ideals of root systems H. Ohsugi
Haruspicy and non-D-finite functions A.Rechnitzer
On the number of connected components in the space of M-polynomials in hyperbolic functions B. Shapiro, A. Vainstein
Homology of Matching and Chessboard Complexes J. Shareshian, M. Wachs
The Permutation Enumeration of Wreath Products $\wk$ J.D. Wagner
Graphs and Representations of simply-laced Lie algebras N.J. Wildberger

FPSAC01: Accepted Posters

Canonical Representations of Hypergeometric Terms S.A. Abramov, M. Petkovsek
Combinatorial addition formulas P. Auger, G. Labelle, P. Leroux
The Robinson-Schensted-Knuth bijection, quantum matrices and piece-wise linear combinatorics A. Berenstein, A.N. Kirillov
Combinatorial K-theory A.S. Buch
Uniqueness theorems on words and sequence assembly A. Carpi, A. de Luca, S. Varricchio
Counting faces in the extended Shi arrangement ${\widehat{\mathcal A}}_{n}^{r}$ R. Ehrenborg
Permutation Shapes and the Bin Packing Problem M.A. Eisenstein-Taylor
Forbidden subwords in permutations S. Elizalde, Marc Noy
On Trees and Characters A. Frumkin, G.D. James, Y. Roichman
Polynomial and Combinatorial Identities Related to Near-Triangular Matrices A. Guterman
Quotient complexes and lexicographic shellability A. Hultman
A generalization of the random assignment problem S. Linusson, J. Wästlund
Farrell polynomials on graphs of bounded tree width J.A. Makowsky, J.P. Marino
Exceedingly deranging ! R. Mantaci, F. Rakotondrajao
Combinatorial and Geometric Properties of Graph Varieties J.L. Martin
Attribute Grammars and Automatic Algorithm Analysis M. Mishna
Littlewood's Multiple formula for Spin Characters of Symmetric Groups H. Mizukawa, H.F. Yamada
Lattice path moments by cut and paste E. Pergola, R. Pinzani, S. Rinaldi, R.A. Sulanke
Witt's formula for restricted Lie algebras V. Petrogradsky
Enumeration of the First Multicyclic Isomorphism-Free Labeled Graphs V. Ravelomanana, L. Thimonier
Bases for the Flag f-Vectors of Eulerian Posets N. Reading
Branching formula for q-Littlewood-Richardson coefficients A. Schilling, M. Shimozono, D.E. White
Quotients of Coxeter Groups under the Weak Order D.J. Waugh
Ribbons and homogeneous symmetric functions M. Zabrocki

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