13-th International Conference on

Formal Power Series and Algebraic

Arizona State University,
May 20 - 26, 2001.

Chairpersons of the program committee : Hélène Barcelo (Arizona State University, USA)
Volkmar Welker (Philipps-Universitšt Marburg, Germany)

Program Committee

H. Barcelo (USA)
R. Bédard (Canada)
L. Carini (Italie)
R. Cori (France)
M. Delest (France)
A. Denise (France)
A. Duval (USA)
I. Gessel (USA)
A. Goupil (Canada)
A.J. Guttmann (Australia)
P. Haxell (Canada)
T. Hibi (Japan)
M. Mendez (Venezuela)
S. Onn (Israel)
A. Ram (USA)
D. Stanton (USA)
L. Verde-Star (Canada/Mexique)
M. Wachs (USA)
T. Walsh (Canada)
V. Welker (Germany)
D. Welsh (United Kingdom)
Contact : fpsac01@asu.edu