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Second Announcement – Call for Papers

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14th International Conference on
Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics
FPSAC 2002
July 8 - 12 2002, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Second announcement -- Call for papers
All aspects of combinatorics and their relationship with other
parts of mathematics, computer science and physics.
Conference program:
Invited lectures, contributed presentations, poster session,
problem session and software demonstrations.
Official languages:
The official languages of the conference are English and
Invited Speakers:
H'el`ene Barcelo (USA),
Jan de Gier (Australia),
Philippe Di Francesco (France),
Peter Forrester (Australia),
Christian Krattenthaler (Austria),
Brendan McKay (Australia),
Thomas Prellberg (Germany),
Alan Sokal (USA),
Ole Warnaar (Australia),
David Wilson (USA).
Call for papers and posters:
Authors are invited to submit either extended abstracts of at most
twelve pages, or full articles of at most twenty-five pages by
December 15, 2001.
Note that this constitutes an extension of the system used at previous
conferences. The idea is that those who wish to submit full articles will
only have to undergo one cycle of refereeing. Their papers will appear
both in the conference proceedings and in the subsequent published
journal volume. If extended abstracts are submitted, they will, as
previously, be refereed for the conference. Subsequently, authors will be
invited to submit full articles of the extended abstracts for journal
publication. These will then be refereed by the relevant journal.
The aim of the current proposal is to simplify matters for those ready
to submit a full article. Please indicate, on your submission, whether
it is an extended abstract or a full article.
To submit your papers, preferably use the submission server of the
conference, which is available through the Internet at the URL
If you are unable to use the web for submission, please email
for further instructions.
The submitted papers should begin with a summary written in English
and French (translations will be provided if necessary). Authors should
indicate the mode of presentation which they consider appropriate for
their paper, i.e. lecture or poster session. Notification of
acceptance or rejection is scheduled for late February 2002.
Open problem session:
Contributions to the problem session are invited in advance of
the conference dates. People interested in submitting a problem
should submit it as described above, before June 1, 2002.
Software demonstrations:
Demonstrations of software relevant to the topics of the conference
are encouraged. People interested in giving a software demonstration
should submit before February 15, 2002 a paper including the
hardware requirements, as described above.Program committee:
Susumu Ariki (Tokyo) Gilbert Labelle (UQAM)
Sara Billey (MIT) Jean-Christophe Novelli (Lille)
Maylis Delest (France) Renzo Pinzani (Florence)
Art Duval (Texas-El Paso) Andrew Rechnitzer (Toronto & Melbourne)
Omar Foda (Melbourne, Co-Chair) Frank Sottile (Mass.)
Sergey Fomin (Michigan) Itaru Terada (Tokyo)
Vesselin Gasharov (Cornell) Jean-Yves Thibon (Marne-la-Vall'ee)
Anthony Guttmann (Melb, Co-Chair} Dominic Welsh (Oxford)
Angele Hamel (Wilfred Laurier) Trevor Welsh (Melbourne)
Ron King (Southampton) Nicholas Wormald (Melbourne)Participant support:
We have applied for grants in the USA, Canada, France and Australia to
provide partial support of participants from those countries---in
particular of students and junior scientists.
The success or otherwise of these grant applications will be posted
on our website as soon as they become available. If the applications
are successful, requests for such support should contain a letter of
recommendation and include the estimated transportation and living
expenses for the duration of the conference as well as the amount of
any support available from other sources. All requests should be sent
in duplicate by January 15, 2002 to the following address:
Prof. Anthony Guttmann, FPSAC 2002,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
The University of Melbourne,
The conference will take place on the campus of The University of
Melbourne, located in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia.
The first talk is scheduled for July 8, 2002 at 9:00 a.m.
On-campus single accommodation with shared bathroom and laundry
facilities is available at $55 AUD per night. A choice of standard
hotel accommodation in the price range $105 to $180 AUD, most within
easy walking distance of the campus, can be found on the conference
website.Further information:
All important information concerning FPSAC 2002 can be found on the
conference web site available through the Internet at the http address

More details will be given in future announcements. For any further
question, write to fpsac@ms.unimelb.edu.au.
Organising committee:
Nantel Bergeron (York), Richard Brak (Melbourne),
Catherine Greenhill (Melbourne), Anthony Guttmann (Melbourne, Chair),
and Aleks Owczarek (Melbourne).
Until April 1, 2002, the regular registration fee is $440 AUD.
A reduced fee of $220 AUD is offered for students.
These fees will respectively be $660 AUD and $330 AUD
in case of payment after April 1, 2002. (These prices include the
recently introduced Goods and Services Tax, so 1/11th of this fee
goes to the Australian Government.)
Nationals of most participating countries will not need a visa but do
require an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). Please check with your
travel agent and/or the Australian embassy.
All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD). At the time
of this announcement, $1 AUD is worth approximately 0.59 Euro,
$0.52 US and 64 Yen.*

Also available in LaTex and PDF.


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