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Jean-Philippe Dubernard and Dominique Geniet

Validation temporelle d'applications temps reel

T. Mansour and A. Vainshtein

Counting occurrences of 132 in a permutation

Elena Barcucci, Andrea Frosini, Simone Rinaldi

Directed-convex polyominoes: ECO method and bijective results

Jean-Marc Fédou, Christine Garcia

Algebraic Succession Rules

Thomas Langley

Alternate transition matrices for Brenti's q-symmetric functions

Riccardo Biagioli

Descent Number and Major Indices for the even-signed Permutation Group

Fabrizio Caselli

Explicit formulae for some Kahzdan-Lusztig polynomials for S_n

Nicolas Bonichon

A Bijection between realizers of maximal plane graphs and pairs

Yuanping Zhang and Mordecai J. Golin

The number of spanning trees in graphs related to circulant graphs

Sergey Kitaev

Partially Ordered Generalized Patterns

Seul Hee Choi

Skew oscillating semi-standard tableaux

LE Minh Ha and PHAN Ha Duong

Generalized Pseudo-Permutations

Eli Bagno

Exact Kazhsan Constants of Some Coxeter Groups and Wreath Products

Ron M. Adin, Avital Frumkin and Yuval Roichman

Littlewood-Richardson Coefficients and Hook Interpolations

Srecko Brlek, Enrica Duchi, Elisa Pergola, Simone Rinaldi

On the equivalence problem for succession rules

Clemence Magnien

Classes of Lattices Induced by Chip Firing (and sandpile) dynamics

Niklas Eriksen

A simple bijection between lecture hall partitions and partitions
into odd integers

Olivier Bodini

Z-Tilings of Polyominoes and Standard Basis

B. Shapiro, M. Shapiro, and A. Vainshtein

Periodic de Bruijn triangles: exact and asymptotic results

Alexander Burstein and Toufik Mansour

Words restricted by patterns with at most 2 distinct letters

Hagiwara Manabu

Minuscule Heaps Over Simply-Laced, Star-Shaped Dynkin Diagrams

S.A. Abramov and H.Q. Le

A Lower Bound for the Order of Telescopers for a hypergeomtric term

Kan Yasuda

On the automorphism group of the submodule lattice

Didier Arquès and Anne Micheli

Generalized Dyck equations and multicolor trees

Cyril Banderier and Donatella Merlini

Lattice paths with an infinite set of jumps

Tom Roby

A Schensted insertion for tensor powers of the Weyl representation

V Mnukhin

Saturated Simplicial Complexes

Emeric Gioan, Michel Las Vergnas.

Activity preserving bijections between spanning trees and orientations
in graphs.

Mike Hirschhorn

The number of representations of a number by various forms

Fanja Rakotondrajao

Permutations by numbers of anti-excedances and fixed points


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