Posters Scheduled for Tuesday, July 3, 2007
  The Combinatorics of the Garsia-Haiman Modules for Hook Shapes
  Ron M. Adin, Je rey B. Remmel, and Yuval Roichman
  On Uniquely k-Determined Permutations
  Sergey Avgustinovich and Sergey Kitaev
  Key Polynomials, Invariant Factors and an Action of the Symmetric Group on Young Tableaux
  Olga Azenhas and Ricardo Mamede
  Abstract Young Pairs for Coxeter Groups of Type D
  Eli Bagno and Yona Cherniavsky
  The Hook Formula
  Jason Bandlow
  Characterizations of Flip-Accessibility for Domino Tilings of the Whole Plane
  Olivier Bodini, Thomas Fernique and Éric Rémila
  Operations on Posets and Rational Identities of Type A
  Adrien Boussicault
  Dumont Permutations of the Third Kind
  Alexander Burstein and Walter Stromquist
  Unification of the Quintuple and Septuple Product Identities
  Wenchang Chu and Qinglun Yan
  Variance for the number of maxima in hypercubes and generalized Euler's ¶√ constants
  Christian Costermans and Hoang Ngoc Minh
  Inequalities for Symmetric Means
  Allison Cuttler, Curtis Greene, and Mark Skandera
  Hopf Algebras of Diagrams
  G. H. E. Duchamp, J-G. Luque, J-C. Novelli, C. Tollu, F. Toumazet
  A Classification of Outerplanar K-Gonal 2-Trees
  Martin A. Ducharme, Gilbert Labelle, Cédric Lamathe and Pierre Leroux
  Involutions Avoiding the Class of Permutations in $\mathfrak{S}_k$ With Prefix 12
  W. M. B. Dukes and Toufik Mansour
  Complexes of Directed Trees and Independence Complexes
  Alexander Engström
  Alternating Subgroups of Coxeter Groups
  Francesco Brenti, Victor Reiner, and Yuval Roichman
  Signed Enumeration of Ribbon Tableaux With Local Rules and Generalizations of the Schensted Correspondence
  Dominique Gouyou-Beauchamps and Philippe Nadeau
  Generating Functions From the Point of View of Rota®CBaxter Algebras
  Li Guo
  An Extension of the Foata Map to Standard Young Tableaux
  J. Haglund, and L. Stevens
  Parameterized Telescoping Proves Algebraic Independence of Sums
  Carsten Schneider
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