Instructions for Authors:
In order to prepare your submission, please take the following steps to format your document according to the specifications of DMTCS (Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science). Please prepare your document using standard LaTeX. If you have any user macros, please include them in your submission. We thank you very much for your cooperation.
Please download the dmtcs.cls class file, and place it in the same directory as your submission. Use \documentclass{dmtcs} to prepare your document.
To prepare your document, please follow the directions given in sample.tex .
Submissions should be submitted as either postscript or pdf files. Please LaTeX the sample.tex to make sure that your output matches the corresponding sample.pdf file.
Fill in your author and institution information.
If your title is rather long, please give a short title substitution for the inside headers, e.g. \title[short title]{Long, wordy title} . The same goes for your name, if you have a preferred short form.
Please provide 3 to 6 keywords that describe the topic of your paper, e.g. \keywords{keyword1, keyword2, keyword3}
Include a summary with citations written out rather than referencing the bibliography. FPSAC/SFCA has a tradition of encouraging bilingualism, and thus you are strongly encouraged to include a summary in the French language. There are people available to help you with this, if help is required. Please format your summary as follows ( Note the nested structure ):

text in english
\noindent {\bf R\'esum\'e.}
texte en francais

Submissions, when compiled using the dmtcs.cls class file, should not exceed 12 pages.
  Papers should be submitted electronically.
  Please contact if you have any questions.