Slides from presentations

Combinatorial Gelfand models. Ron M. Adin, Alexander Postnikov and Yuval Roichman (slides)

Growth rates of pattern classes. Michael Albert (slides)

Pattern avoidance in dynamical systems. José María Amigó, Sergi Elizalde and Matthew Kennel (slides)

A variation of on the tableau switching and a Pak-Vallejo's conjecture. Olga Azenhas (slides)

Invariant and coinvariant spaces for the algebra of symmetric polynomials in non-commuting variables. Francois Bergeron and Aaron Lauve (slides)

Families of prudent self-avoiding walks. Mireille Bousquet-Mélou (slides)

Staircase Macdonald polynomials and the q-discriminant. Adrien Boussicault and Jean-Gabriel Luque (slides)

The complexity of computing Kronecker coefficients. Peter Bürgisser and Christian Ikenmeyer (slides)

Affine descents and the Steinberg torus. Kevin Dilks, Kyle Petersen, and John Stembridge (slides)

On the link pattern distribution of quarter-turn-symmetric FPL configurations. Philippe Duchon (slides)

Combinatorial interpretation and positivity of Kerov's character polynomials. Valentin Féray (slides)

New bijective links on planar maps. Éric Fusy (slides)

Deodhar elements in Kazhdan-Lusztig theory. Brant Jones (slides)

Flag enumerations of matroid base polytopes. Sangwook Kim (slides)

Enumerating alternating tree families. Markus Kuba and Alois Panholzer (slides)

Mes aventures mathématiques avec Pierre Leroux. Gilbert Labelle (slides)

Chip-firing and rotor-routing on Z^d and on trees. Itamar Landau, Lionel Levine and Yuval Peres (slides)

Quivers and the Euclidean algebra. Alistair Savage (slides)

Euler's partition theorem and the combinatorics of l-sequences. Carla D. Savage (slides)

The Mukhin-Varchenko conjecture of type A. S. Ole Warnaar (slides)