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INVITED SPEAKERS (click on a speaker for details)
Gilbert Labelle: Mes aventures mathématiques avec Pierre Leroux
Michael Albert: Growth rates of pattern classes 
Jonathan Brundan: Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov´s diagram algebra
Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov: Combinatorial algebraic topology
Marcelo Aguiar: A unified approach to Hopf algebras
Carla D. Savage: Euler´s partition theorem and the combinatorics of l-sequences
Maria Ronco: Bialgebras in the category of S modules
Ian Grojnowski: TBA
Alexander  Postnikov: TBA
1: From Bruhat intervals to intersection lattices and a conjecture of Postnikov.  Axel Hultman, Svante Linusson, John Shareshian and Jonas Sjöstrand
2: Total positivity for cominuscule Grassmannians. Thomas Lam and Lauren Williams
3: Flag enumerations of matroid base polytopes.  Sangwook Kim
4: Pattern avoidance in dynamical systems.  José María Amigó, Sergi Elizalde and Matthew Kennel
5: Chip-Firing and Rotor-Routing on Zd and on Trees.  Itamar Landau, Lionel Levine and Yuval Peres
6: On the link pattern distribution of quarter-turn symmetric FPL configurations. Philippe Duchon
7: Enumerating alternating tree families. Markus Kuba and Alois Panholzer
8: Invariant and coinvariant spaces for the algebra of symmetric polynomials in non-commuting variables.  François Bergeron and Aaron Lauve
9: Combinatorial Gelfand Models.  Ron M. Adin, Alexander Postnikov and Yuval Roichman
10: Quivers and the Euclidean algebra. Alistair Savage
11: The complexity of computing Kronecker coefficients.  Peter Bürgisser and Christian Ikenmeyer
12: Cyclic Sieving, Promotion and Representation Theory. Brendon Rhoades
13: Deodhar Elements in Kazhdan--Lusztig Theory.  Brant Jones
14: The cluster basis of Z[x11,...,x33].  Mark Skandera
15: Combinatorial interpretation and positivity of Kerov's character polynomials. Valentin Féray
16: A variation on the tableau switching and a Pak-Vallejo's conjecture.  Olga Azenhas
17: The Sorting Order on a Coxeter Group. Drew Armstrong
18: Affine descents and the Steinberg torus. Kevin Dilks, Kyle Petersen and John Stembridge
19: Affine and toric arrangements. Richard Ehrenborg, Margaret Readdy and Michael Slone
20: Hecke group algebras as degenerate affine Hecke algebras. Florent Hivert, Anne Schilling and Nicolas M. Thiéry
21: The Mukhin-Varchenko conjecture for type A.  S. Ole Warnaar
22: Staircase Macdonald polynomials and the q-Discriminant. Adrien Boussicault and Jean-Gabriel Luque
23: A quantization of a theorem of Goulden and Jackson.  Matjaz Konvalinka and Mark Skandera
24: Families of prudent self-avoiding walks.  Mireille Bousquet-Melou
25: New bijective links on planar maps .  Eric Fusy
26: A combinatorial model for q-generalized Stirling and Bell numbers.  Miguel Mendez and Adolfo Rodriguez
day 1 (20)
Algebraic shifting and strongly edge decomposable spheres.  Satoshi Murai
Nested Hilbert Schemes and the Nested q,t-Catalan Series.  Mahir Can
Skew domino Schensted algorithm and sign-imbalance. Jang Soo Kim
A combinatorial realization of Schur-Weyl duality via crystal graphs and dual equivalence graphs.  Sami Assaf
The space of tropically collinear points is shellable.  Hannah Markwig and Josephine Yu
Enumeration of orientable coverings of a non-orientable manifold. Jin Ho Kwak, Alexander Mednykh and Roman Nedela
(l,0)-Carter partitions and their crystal theoretic interpretation. Chris Berg and Monica Vazirani
Multi-triangulations as complexes of star polygons.  Vincent Pilaud and Francisco Santos
Quasisymmetric Schur functions. James Haglund, Sarah Mason and Stephanie van Willigenburg
Perfect matchings and cluster algebras of classical type.  Gregg Musiker
Delannoy numbers and Legendre polytopes.  Gabor Hetyei
A bijective proof of a factorization formula for Macdonald polynomials at roots of unity. Francois Descouens, Hideaki Morita and Yasuhide Numata
Reduction formulae from the factorization theorem of Littlewood-Richardson polynomials by King, Tollu and Toumazet.  Soojin Cho, Eun-Kyoung Jung and Dongho Moon
A generalization of (q,t)-Catalan and nabla operators.  Nantel Bergeron, Francois Descouens and Mike Zabrocki 
The Rees product of the cubical lattice with the chain.  Patricia Muldoon and Margaret A. Readdy  
On Plücker coordinates of a perfectly oriented network.  Kelli Talaska
Set-partition Pieri formulas via induction and restriction in unipotent groups. Eric Marberg, Nathaniel Thiem and Vidya Venkateswaran
An Isomorphism Theorem for Cotransversal Matroids.  Amanda Ruiz and Kim Seashore
Combinatorial properties of permutation tableaux. Alexander Burstein and Niklas Eriksen
Double Schubert polynomials for the classical Lie groups.  Takeshi Ikeda, Leonardo Mihalcea and Hiroshi Naruse
day 2 (19)
Bijections for Permutation Tableaux. Sylvie Corteel and Philippe Nadeau
Combinatorial Hopf Algebras and Towers of Algebras. Nantel Bergeron, Thomas Lam and Huilan Li
Equivalences for pattern avoiding involutions and classification. W. M. B. Dukes, Vit Jelinek, Toufik Mansour and Astrid Reifegerste
Polyominoes determined by involutions. Filippo Disanto and Simone Rinaldi
Enumeration of bilaterally symmetric 3-noncrossing partitions. Guoce Xin and Terence Zhang
A bijection between shrubs and series-parallel posets. Frédéric Chapoton
Crossings and nestings in labelled graphs and set partitions.  Anna de Mier
New combinatorial computational methods arising from pseudo-singletons. Gilbert Labelle
Graph weights arising from Mayer and Ree-Hoover theories of virial expansions.  Amel Kaouche and Pierre Leroux
q,t-Fuss-Catalan numbers for complex reflection groups.  Christian Stump
Distances in random Apollonian network structures.  Olivier Bodini, Alexis Darrasse and Michèle Soria
n-color overpartitions, lattice paths, and multiple basic hypergeometric series.  Olivier Mallet
Classification of bijections between 321- and 132-avoiding permutations. Anders Claesson and Sergey Kitaev
Minimal Factorizations of Permutations into Star Transpositions. John Irving and Amarpreet Rattan
The quasiinvariants of the symmetric group.  Jason Bandlow and Gregg Musiker
Partitioned Cacti : a Bijective Approach to the Cycle Factorization Problem. Gilles Schaeffer and Ekaterina Vassilieva
Invariants in Non-Commutative Variables of the Symmetric and Hyperoctahedral Groups.  Anouk Bergeron-Brlek
Pattern-Avoidance in Binary Fillings of Grid Shapes.  Alexey Spiridonov
Nestings of Matchings and Permutations and North Steps in PDSAWs.  Martin Rubey