List of papers

Unital versions of the higher order peak algebras
Marcelo Aguiar, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon

Growth function for a class of monoids
Marie Albenque and Philippe Nadeau

Matroid Polytopes and Their Volumes
Federico Ardila, Carolina Benedetti and Jeffrey Doker

Riffle shuffles of a deck with repeated cards
Sami Assaf, Persi Diaconis and K. Soundararajan

The Ladder Crystal
Chris Berg

Automatic Classification of Restricted Lattice Walks
Alin Bostan and Manuel Kauers

Unlabeled $(\mathbf {2+2})$-free posets, ascent sequences and pattern avoiding permutations
Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes and Sergey Kitaev

$m$-noncrossing partitions and $m$-clusters
Aslak Bakke Buan, Idun Reiten and Hugh Thomas

A max-flow algorithm for positivity of Littlewood-Richardson coefficients
Peter Bürgisser and Christian Ikenmeyer

A new combinatorial identity for unicellular maps, via a direct bijective approach
Guillaume Chapuy

Characters of symmetric groups in terms of free cumulants and Frobenius coordinates
Maciej Dolega, Valentin Féray and Piotr Sniady

Enumeration of derangements with descents in prescribed positions
Niklas Eriksen, Ragnar Freij and Johan Wästlund

Bijections between noncrossing and nonnesting partitions for classical reflection groups
Alex Fink and Benjamin Iriarte Giraldo

Perfectness of Kirillov--Reshetikhin crystals for nonexceptional types
Ghislain Fourier, Masato Okado and Anne Schilling

Counting Quiver Representations over Finite Fields Via Graph Enumeration
Geir Helleloid and Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas

The $q=-1$ phenomenon via homology concentration
P. Hersh, J. Shareshian and D. Stanton

Colored Tutte polynomials and composite knots
Gábor Hetyei, Yuanan Diao and Kenneth Hinson

The absolute order on the hyperoctahedral group
Myrto Kallipoliti

Combinatorial Formulas for Macdonald and Hall-Littlewood Polynomials
Cristian Lenart

Chip-Firing And A Devil's Staircase
Lionel Levine

Hopf algebras and the logarithm of the S-transform in free probability
Mitja Mastnak and Alexandru Nica

Cluster algebras of unpunctured surfaces and snake graphs
Gregg Musiker and Ralf Schiffler

The shifted plactic monoid
Luis Serrano

Branching rules in the ring of superclass functions of unipotent upper-triangular matrices
Nathaniel Thiem

Permutations with Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomial $P_{id,w}(q)=1+q^h$
Alexander Woo