List of posters

An Edge-Signed Generalization of Chordal Graphs, Free Multiplicities on Braid Arrangements, and Their Characterizations
Takuro Abe, Koji Nuida and Yasuhide Numata

Universal cycles for permutation classes
Michael Albert and Julian West

Brauer-Schur functions
Kazuya Aokage

The Hiring Problem and Permutations
Margaret Archibald and Conrado Martínez

A kicking basis for the two column Garsia-Haiman modules
S. Assaf and A. Garsia

Enumeration of alternating sign matrices of even size (quasi)-invariant under a quarter-turn rotation
Jean-Christophe Aval and Philippe Duchon

Linear time equivalence of Littlewood--Richardson coefficient symmetry maps
Olga Azenhas, Alessandro Conflitti and Ricardo Mamede

Enumeration of the distinct shuffles of permutations
Camillia Smith Barnes

Words and polynomial invariants of finite groups in non-commutative variables
Anouk Bergeron-Brlek, Christophe Hohlweg and Mike Zabrocki

Shortest path poset of finite Coxeter groups
Saúl A. Blanco

Application of graph combinatorics to rational identities of type $A$
Adrien Boussicault and Valentin Féray

Quasipolynomial formulas for the Kronecker coefficients indexed by two two--row shapes
Emmanuel Briand, Rosa Orellana and Mercedes Rosas

Preorder-free Kazhdan-Lusztig representations of $S_n$
Charles Buehrle and Mark Skandera

Combinatorial invariant theory of projective reflection groups
Fabrizio Caselli

Indecomposable permutations with a given number of cycles
Robert Cori and Claire Mathieu

Matrix Ansatz, lattice paths and rook placements
S. Corteel, M. Josuat-Vergès, T. Prellberg and M. Rubey

On wiring and tiling diagrams related to bases of tropical Pl\"ucker functions
V.I. Danilov, A.V. Karzanov and G.A. Koshevoy

$k$-distant crossings and nestings of matchings and partitions
Dan Drake and Jang Soo Kim

Permutations realized by shifts
Sergi Elizalde

Median clouds and a fast transposition median solver
Niklas Eriksen

New Hopf Structures on Binary Trees
Stefan Forcey, Aaron Lauve and Frank Sottile

Refinements of the Littlewood-Richardson rule
J. Haglund, K. Luoto, S. Mason and S. van Willigenburg

On the Monotone Column Permanent conjecture
James Haglund and Mirkó Visontai

Polymake and Lattice Polytopes
Michael Joswig, Benjamin Müller and Andreas Paffenholz

Rationality, irrationality, and Wilf equivalence in generalized factor order
Sergey Kitaev, Jeffrey Liese, Jeffrey Remmel, and Bruce Sagan

Record statistics in integer compositions
Arnold Knopfmacher and Toufik Mansour

Geometry and complexity of O'Hara's algorithm
Matjaz Konvalinka and Igor Pak

On the 2-adic order of Stirling numbers of the second kind and their differences
Tamás Lengyel

Macdonald polynomials at $t=q^k$
Jean-Gabriel Luque

A bijection between noncrossing and nonnesting partitions of types A and B
Ricardo Mamede

Election algorithms with random delays in trees
Jean-François Marckert, Nasser Saheb-Djahromi and Akka Zemmari

Infinite log-concavity: developments and conjectures
Peter R. W. McNamara and Bruce E. Sagan

Triangulation of root polytopes and reduced forms
Karola Mészáros

Bijective Enumeration of Bicolored Maps of Given Vertex Degree Distribution
Alejandro Morales and Ekaterina Vassilieva

$q$-Hook formula of Gansner type for a generalized Young diagram
Kento Nakada

Another bijection between $2$-triangulations and pairs of non-crossing Dyck paths
Carlos M. Nicolás

Occurrence rates of patterns in infinite binary words
Koji Nuida

Combinatorics of Positroids
Suho Oh

Blocks in Constrained Random Graphs with Fixed Average Degree
Konstantinos Panagiotou

Noncrossing partitions and the shard intersection order
Nathan Reading

$k$-Parabolic Subspace Arrangements
Christopher Severs and Jacob White

The Discrete Fundamental Group of the Associahedron
Christopher Severs and Jacob White

A further correspondence between $(bc,\bar b)$-parking functions and $(bc,\bar b)$-forests
Heesung Shin and Jiang Zeng

A Combinatorial Approach to Multiplicity-Free Richardson Subvarieties of the Grassmannian
Michelle Snider

The poset perspective on alternating sign matrices
Jessica Striker

Combinatorial formulas for $\Gamma$-coordinates in a totally nonnegative Grassmannian
Kelli Talaska

Type B plactic relations for $r$-domino tableaux
Müge Taskin

Spanning forests, electrical networks, and a determinant identity
Elmar Teufl and Stephan Wagner

On $k$-simplexes in $(2k-1)$-dimensional vector spaces over finite fields
Le Anh Vinh

A promotion operator on rigged configurations
Qiang Wang

Combinatorial Formula for the Hilbert Series of bigraded $S_{n}$-modules
Meesue Yoo