11th. International Conference on Formal Power Series
and Algebraic Combinatorics

Barcelona, 7-11 June 1999

List of papers accepted as posters:

  Products of class-sums of the alternating group

        - by S. C. Tekin, J. Katriel

  Distance-Regular Graphs Related to the Quantum Universal Enveloping Algebra of sl(2)  (11 p)

        - by B. Curtin, K. Nomura

  Rational Solutions of First Order Linear q-Difference Systems

        - by S.A. Abramov

  The Number of Subgroups in the Fundamental Groups of Orientable Circle Bundles over Surfaces

        - by V. Liskovets, A. Mednykh

  On generating functions for subalgebras of free Lie algebras

        - by V.M. Petrogradsky

  An algebraic-combinatorial approach for studying coloured Dyck-Schroeder paths

        - by D. Merlini, R. Sprugnoli, M.C. Verri

  Graded shuffle algebras over fields of prime characteristic

        - by G. Duchamp, A.A. Mikhalev

  Equivalence of the Bethe Ansatz and Gessel-Viennot Theorem for Non-intersecting Paths

        - by R.Brak, J.W.Essam, A.L.Owczarek

  Standard bases of ideals of free Lie algebras over rings

        - by A.A.Mikhalev, A.A.Zolotykh

  Counting 1-vertex triangulations of oriented surfaces

        - by R.Bacher, A.Vdovina

  A root system approach to minimal left coset representatives

        - by P.Papi

  Enumeration of planar constellations (12 p)

        - by M. Bousquet-Melou, G. Schaeffer

  A duality of a twisted group algebra of the hyperoctahedral group and the queer Lie superalgebra

        - by M.Yamaguchi

  Enumeration of m-ary cacti according to their color and degree distributions (12 p)

        - by M.Bousquet, M.Bóna, G.Labelle, P.Leroux

  Homological and Ring Properties of Formal Power Series Rings

        - by A.V.Mikhalev, C.I.Sonin, A.A.Tuganbaev, D.A. Tuganbaev

  On combinatorial equalities of coordination sequences

        - by J. Serra-Sagrista

  Decomposition for some tensor products of certain non-compact Lie groups

        - by F.Toumazet

  Generation de chemins de Dyck a pics croissants

        - by J.-G. Penaud, O.Roques

  Hodge numbers of pseudosymmetric Fano varieties

        - by C.Haase, D.Dais, G.Ziegler

  Quasi-differential operators

        - by B.C.V.Ung

  A flag major index for signed permutations (8 p)

        - by R.M.Adin, Y.Roichman

  Cartographic generation of Mathieu groups (ps.gz, 13 p)

        - by N.Hanusse, A.Zvonkin

  Bell permutations and Stirling numbers interpolation (ps.gz, 12 p)

        - by E.Pergola, G.Labelle, P.Leroux, R.Pinzani

  Resolution combinatoire des systemes d'equations aux derivees partielles

        - by R.Randrianirina, G.Labelle, P.Leroux

  On discrete Morse functions and combinatorial decompositions

        - by M.K.Chari

  The first term in the expansion of plethysm of Schur functions

        - by M.Yang

  Symmetric chain decomposition and el-shellability of Ding order

        - by M.Raymond

  Exploration de parametres inconnus par des Q-grammaires (10 p)

        - by M. Delest , P. Duchon

  Extended pattern avoidance

        - by S. Linusson

  Noncommutative Ribbons and Quasi-differential Operators (12 p)

        - by D. Krob, R. Mantaci (a tar.gz archive)