Nicolas Borie
Maître de conférences en Informatique
Équipe Combinatoire algébrique et calcul formel
Bureau 4B03R
Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
Cité Descartes, Bât Copernic
77454 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 2


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I am user and contributor of the open source mathematics software SAGE. SAGE is a free open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab. There is a large community of contributors in which lies a group focused on the combinatorics : Sage-combinat-devel.

Last contributions:

logo_google The Sage-combinat-devel Google Group

I am contributor of SAGE since May 2008. All SAGE code is reviewed as seriously as possible before integration passing throw the SAGE trac server. Here is the list of my personal contribution.

Tickets closed (code submitted, accepted and integrated in SAGE) :

Tickets under development :

Last update : 11 Dec. 2011

My current long time goal is to produce a robust and efficient module to compute the ring of invariant polynomials under the action of a permutation group.

As wished by the Jury of my PhD defense, I intend to create a web database for the secondary invariants of a permutation group. Among all reachable example, here is a log of computation for the 61th transitive group over 14 variables.
(group of cardinality 50 803 200 needed currently 7.5 hours of computations)

The code of this module about the invariant ring of permutation groups is not final. I hope that it will be refined, reviewed and integrate in Sage for this summer.

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