DCA Compression

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University of Marne-la-Vallée, June 1998
M. Crochemore, F. Mignosi, A. Restivo, S. Salemi, Data Compression using Antidictionaries, in (Proceedings of the I.E.E.E., Lossless Data Compression, J. Storer, ed., 88-11, 2000) 1756--1768.
In ps format, 13 pages.
Technical Report, IGM-2000-03, Institut Gaspard-Monge, 2000.
In ps format, 24pp.


We give a new text compression scheme based on Forbidden Words ("antidictionary"). We prove that our algorithms attain the entropy for equilibrated binary sources. One of the main advantage of this approach is that it produces very fast decompressors. A second advantage is a synchronization property that is helpful to search compressed data and to parallelize the compressor. Our algorithms can also be presented as ``compilers'' that create compressors dedicated to any previously fixed source. The techniques used in this paper are from Information Theory and Finite Automata; as a consequence, this paper shows that Formal Language Theory (in particular Finite Automata Theory) can be useful in Data Compression.
Keywords: Data Compression, Lossless Compression, Information Theory, Finite Automaton, Forbidden Word, Pattern Matching.


  1. Introduction
  2. Basic algorithms
  3. Implementation of finite antidictionaries
    Example, Transducers, A synchronisation property
  4. Efficiency
  5. How to build antidictionaries
  6. Pruning antidictionaries
    Pruned antidictionary, Self-compressing the antidictionary
  7. Conclusion

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