Algebraic Combinatorics on Words

This book covers developments on new topics in the domain of Combinatorics on Words. Cambridge University Press . Available since may, 2002.
ISBN: 0521812208


  1. Contents and Preface
  2. Finite and Infinite Words ( Jean Berstel, Dominique Perrin)
  3. Sturmian Words ( Jean Berstel, Patrice Séébold)
  4. Unavoidable Patterns ( Julien Cassaigne)
  5. Sesquipowers ( Aldo de Luca, Stefano Varricchio)
  6. The Plactic Monoid ( Alain Lascoux, Bernard Leclerc, Jean-Yves Thibon)
  7. Codes (Véronique Bruyère)
  8. Numeration Systems (Christiane Frougny)
  9. Periodicity ( Filippo Mignosi, Antonio Restivo)
  10. Centralizers of Noncommutative Series and Polynomials ( Christophe Reutenauer)
  11. Transformations on words and q-Calculus ( Dominique Foata, Guo-Niu Han, )
  12. Statistics on Permutations and Words ( Jacques Désarménien)
  13. Makanin's Algorithm ( Volker Diekert)
  14. Independent Systems of Equations ( Tero Harju, Juhani Karhumäki, Wojciech Plandowski)
  15. Bibliography and index (see also: About the bibliography)
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