This web site is about Algorithms on Texts, also called Algorithmic Stringology. Text (word, string, sequence) is one of the main unstructured data types and the subject is of vital importance in Computer science.

The subject is versatile because it is a basic requirement in many sciences, especially in Computer science and engineering. The treatment of unstructured data is a very lively area and demands efficient methods due both to their presence in highly repetitive instructions of operating systems and to the vast amount of data that needs to be analysed on digital networks and equipments. The latter is clear for Information Technology companies that manage massive data in their data centres but also holds for most scientific areas beyond Computer science.

This web site is intended to present arrays or tables, and automata used in text algorithms. Each page briefly introduces a specific data structure in the middle part and on the user can enter a toy example string in the right part to see the values of the data structure for that given string.