FPSAC'02 : Melbourne

14-th International Conference on

Formal Power Series and Algebraic
The University of Melbourne,
July 8-12, 2002

Chairmen of the program committee : Omar Foda (Melbourne) and Tony Guttmann (Melbourne)

Chairman of the organizing committee : Tony Guttmann(The University of Melbourne, Australia)

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Refined positivity conjectures and the Macdonald polynomials Lapointe and Morse
Enumeration of unicursal planar maps Liskovets and Walsh
Association schemes based on isotropic subspaces, Part I Rieck
Two involutions on vertices of ordered trees Seo and Shin
Plethysm and A_2^(2) Mizukawa and Yamada
The Tutte Polynomial of a Hyperplane Arrangement Ardila
Inequalities for Polytopes and Zonotopes Ehrenborg
On the Malvenuto-Reutenauer Hopf algebra of permutations Aguiar
Walls in the quarter plane: A functional equations approach Bousquet-Melou
Descent Representations and Multivariate Statistics Adin, Brenti and Roichman
Supersymmetric Schur functions Moens and Van der Jeugt
Exchange Relations, Dyck Paths and Copolymer Adsorption Rensburg
Tribasic Integrals and identities of Rogers-Ramanujan type Ismail and Stanton
Grobner geometry of Schubert polynomials Long Knutson and Miller
Degree Bounds in Quantum Schubert Calculus Yong
A Conjectured Combinatorial Formula for the Hilbert Series for Diagonal Harmonics Haglund and Loehr
q and q,t-Analogs of non-commutative symmetric functions Zabrocki
Enumeration Partitions and compositions Bousquet and Lamathe
Partitions and compositions Corteel and Savage
Inequalities in products of minors of totally non negative matrices Skandera
Hall-Littlewood Analogs in the Q-function algebra Tudose and Zabrocki
Expected number of inversions after a sequence of random adjacent transpositions --- an exact expression Eriksen
Polygraph arrangements Hultman
Discrete Boundary-Value Problems Petkovsek
A bijection for loopless triangulations of a polygon with interior points Poulalhon and Schaeffer
Effective D-Finite Symmetric Functions Chyzak, Mishna and Salvy
Asymptotics of multivariate sequences Pemantle and Wilson



A Lower Bound for the Order of Telescopers for a hypergeomtric term S.A. Abramov and H.Q. Le
Des Littlewood-Richardson Coefficients and Hook Interpolations Ron M. Adin, Avital Frumkin and Yuval Roichman>
Generalized Dyck equations and multicolor trees Didier Arquès and Anne Micheli
Exact Kazhsan Constants of Some Coxeter Groups and Wreath Products Eli Bagno
Lattice paths with an infinite set of jumps Cyril Banderier and Donatella Merlini
Directed-convex polyominoes: ECO method and bijective results Elena Barcucci, Andrea Frosini, Simone Rinaldi
Descent Number and Major Indices for the even-signed Permutation Group Riccardo Biagioli
Z-Tilings of Polyominoes and Standard Basis Olivier Bodini
A Bijection between realizers of maximal plane graphs and pairs Nicolas Bonichon
On the equivalence problem for succession rules Srecko Brlek, Enrica Duchi, Elisa Pergola, Simone Rinaldi
Words restricted by patterns with at most 2 distinct letters Alexander Burstein and Toufik Mansour
Explicit formulae for some Kahzdan-Lusztig polynomials for S_n Fabrizio Caselli
Skew oscillating semi-standard tableaux Seul Hee Choi
Validation temporelle d'applications temps reel Jean-Philippe Dubernard and Dominique Geniet
A simple bijection between lecture hall partitions and partitions into odd integers Niklas Eriksen
Dense packing of patterns in a permutation Eriksson, Eriksson, Linusson, Wastlund
Algebraic Succession Rules Jean-Marc Fédou, Christine Garcia
Activity preserving bijections between spanning trees and orientations in graphs. Emeric Gioan, Michel Las Vergnas.
The number of representations of a number by various forms Mike Hirschhorn
Partially Ordered Generalized Patterns Sergey Kitaev
Alternate transition matrices for Brenti's q-symmetric functions Thomas Langley
Classes of Lattices Induced by Chip Firing (and sandpile) dynamics Clemence Magnien
Minuscule Heaps Over Simply-Laced, Star-Shaped Dynkin Diagrams Hagiwara Manabu
Counting occurrences of 132 in a permutation T. Mansour and A. Vainshtein
Generalized Pseudo-Permutations LE Minh Ha and PHAN Ha Duong
Saturated Simplicial Complexes V Mnukhin
Permutations by numbers of anti-excedances and fixed points Fanja Rakotondrajao
A Schensted insertion for tensor powers of the Weyl representation Tom Roby
Periodic de Bruijn triangles: exact and asymptotic results B. Shapiro, M. Shapiro, and A. Vainshtein
On the automorphism group of the submodule lattice Kan Yasuda
The number of spanning trees in graphs related to circulant graphs Yuanping Zhang and Mordecai J. Golin



The art of number guessing, where combinatorics meets physics. De Gier
On the asymptotic analysis of a class of linear recurrences Prellberg
The lost notebook and partial theta functions Warnaar
Critical resonance in the non-intersecting lattice path model Wilson

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